Independent Game Developer

I grew up on simulation and strategy games such as Supreme Commander and The Sims series, as well as shooters including Medal of Honour and Call of Duty. I enjoyed the boom of mobile gaming with now-classics Flappy Bird and Jetpack Joyride and later found a deep love for story-driven games such as Bioshock.

Whilst studying Creative Enterprise I built skills in design and programming - making pitches about project plans throughout the development life cycle. I also learned how to communicate concepts and progress to a wide range of people.

For the past 6 years, I have programmed, designed and released many different games for many types of players across multiple genres. I have ran my own studio- Prey Interactive, giving me key experience in design and programming as well as working for Coatsink & Tombola.

When I am not making games, I am learning, playing games for research and enjoyment, conducting development workshops, or supporting events such as Game Bridge and Women In Games. I have made connections with many industry leaders such as Ken Levine (Bioshock), Bruce Shelley (Sims) and American McGee (Alice series).

Over the last several years I have learnt C# using the Unity Engine, and have released 8 games and made many prototypes to this day. Along the way I have learned a lot about the dev process.


I enjoy taking a proactive approach to development, working with the various fields in development. Doing so has given me a greater understanding of possible challenges, time-frames, and choices available for each discipline.




- Created for Steam PC.
- Also includes a short mobile version.
- Received praise from Rock, Paper, Shotgun and other publications as well as full Youtube playthroughs.

A side-scrolling underwater RPG that spans across several huge pre-made areas. The game equips the player with a diver and submarine, with the various tools to explore the depths & survive the increasingly harsh environment.

Project Abyss

November 2016

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March 2018

- Designed for Steam PC.

- Utilised Early Access.

- Released through Steam Greenlight.

Taking place over a perlin noise generated isometric map consisting of over 3000 tiles; players can collect resources and grow their land from a grouping of tents, to a bustling city with thousands of workers.

Players create work, defend and send their people to explore.

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